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HPM6000 (SR / ID) (Hand-held readouts and dataloggers)

The HPM6000 series is a highly-versatile portable hydraulic data logger, ideal for diagnostic testing hydraulic systems, or for use on hydraulic test benches. There are three models offering between 32 and 48 channels. For analogue sensor inputs (HPM6116, HPM6216) including HPM-SR range, mA, volts, please see the Hydraulic Sensors Section for more details. 

1) Complete range of sensors - pressure, flow, temperature, tachometer 
2) Intelligent digital sensors (CAN protocol) for easier wiring and auto configuration 
3) Full colour 5.7 inch display 
4) Internal storage for over 36 million readings - expandable to over 1 billion readings 
5) Complete with HPComm version 7 - PC software 
6) Connectivity - USB Host, USB slave, Ethernet 

Hydroflex ref.: 1147-HPM60


HPM4000 (SR / ID) (Hand-held readouts and dataloggers)

The HPM4000 series is a highly versatile entry-level portable hydraulic data logger, ideal for pre-dispatch inspection, preventative maintenance and simple diagnostic fault-finding. There are two models, Sensor Recognition (SR) & Intelligent Digital (ID). For all available Sensor Recognition (SR) and Intelligent Digital (ID) sensors and cables to measure flow, pressure, temperature and speed, See the accessories bulletin . 

1) Complete range of sensors - pressure, pressure-temperature, flow, temperature, tachometer 
2) Choose between SR and ID sensors 
3) Excellent protection against dust and moisture - rated up to IP67 
4) Up to 4GB memory 
5) Connectivity - Nano-USB and USB (cable) 
6) Complete with HPMComm version 7 Windows™ software 

Hydroflex ref.: 1147-HPM40


HPM540 Series (SR) (Hand-held readouts and dataloggers)

A powerful handheld readout & datalogger with 4 inputs ideal for testing and diagnosing hydraulic systems. Sensor recognition compatible (SR). A full range of flow, pressure, temperature and speed sensors are available. See CT & CTR series of flow meters with Sensor Recognition output. 

1) Display, datalog and USB output 
2) Use with Sensor Recognition sensors 
3) Feed in other analogue signals 4-20mA and 0-5V 
4) High-speed datalogging, up to 2000 points / sec 
5) Rechargeable battery 
6) Complete with Windows™ compatible software 

Hydroflex ref.: 1147-HPM54


HPM110 Series (Hand-held pressure gauges)

The HPM110 simultaneously displays actual pressure, peak pressure, battery level and the engineering units selected. Using the buttons on the front panel the user can clear the peak value, display min, max and actual pressure, reset the zero point and change the engineering units.

1) Pressures up to 600 bar (8700 psi) 
2) Peak pressure - 10 ms scan rate 
3) Back lit display 
4) Rugged design 
5) Accuracy ( ± 0.5% FS) 
6) Battery operated 

Hydroflex ref.: 1146-HPM110