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Scan 2 Order

Short lines and fast processes, what we stand for. We have therefore developed Scan 2 Order. Scan 2 Order is ordering a repeat order for our customers is very simple.

By scanning the barcode of the desired product provides the software developed by us for direct order intake in our office. This allows you to quickly order and we deliver quickly.

What you will receive? Through our website or by contacting one of our staff ordering us Scan 2 Order package. This package consists of a scanner, software and barcode stickers for the products you want to order by Scan 2 Order.

Of course we provide software updates and we give two-year warranty on the hand scanner.

How does it work? You install the supplied software on your computer and processes the barcode stickers that we send to you in your own warehouse. With the included hand-held scanner to scan the items you want and then connect the handheld scanner to your computer. Then you automatically see your entire order list on the screen, you may still modify the order and sends it with a single click. Fast, easy, efficient and error-free.

Scan 2 Order is very user friendly and requires no specific computer. Product codes, part numbers and delivery are all laid out in advance, also there is no need for further knowledge.

Learn more about Scan 2 Order? Please contact one of our staff via 0186-620777 or fill out our contact form.