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assembly equipment

For hose assemblies of high pressure hoses in a correct and responsible manner to compile you need the right equipment here that is specially developed based on years of experience and thorough research.
We offer a complete solution with O + P machines for the organization of workshops in which high-pressure hydraulic hoses can be assembled, crimpedtested, marked and flushed.
Besides this, also supplied equipment for cutting, deburring, bending and preassembly of high-pressure pipe.
Furthermore  filtrationmultifunctional equipment en mobile applications belong to the possibillities.

In addition to supplying these machines, furnishing advice is also given and / or is requested by our on-site installation and training cared.

It goes without saying that the quality of the end product, such as a hose assembly, determined by the materials used for this purpose and correct manner of assembling. Hydroflex delivers indicative pressure tables and assembly instructions which can be downloaded free of charge to guide the assembly in our own workshop.

All equipment comes with a clear instruction manual in English.

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